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We train people in all types of organizations - Fortune 500, Privately-Held firms, Manufacturing, Service and Government agencies in various industries including:  technology, extraction, manufacturing, aerospace & defense, refinery, pipeline and energy using meaningful, experiential and memorable how-to practical hands-on practice not just the theories.

Our Vision:  Treat everyone with respect, be authentic, have fun and help others rise to their highest skill level, talents and contribution!

We strive to improve your management development, leadership, employee performance, customer service, productivity or sales.

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Gwen Taylor

Leadership, Management and Communication Training.  Virtual, National and International Trainer

Corey Robinson

Call Center, HOA and Financial Services Trainer

Elke Brautigam

HR Compliance, Bi-Lingual English Spanish Trainer

Our Team

​​Our Vision

Angie Whitney

Customer Service, Management, Diversity and Bi-Lingual Spanish/English Trainer 

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